A Positive Perspective On The Snow

sioux falls, sd - From traveling in the snow to cleaning it up, many of you are dealing with the white stuff on Tuesday. 

Want a uniquely positive perspective on the spring snowstorm? Look no further than bicycle-rider Robert Boston. 

Boston: Boy, it's wonderful. Anybody want a snowball fight?
Matt Holsen: Some people might disagree with you on that. 
Boston: I don't know why. It's South Dakota. Yesterday it snowed and it melted in three hours. Today it's a blizzard. Now what you going to think about that. You've got to enjoy it. What are you living for?

Boston is enjoying it to the fullest, even if he is running a little behind today. 

"Actually, I'm late for work. I'm about three hours late for work. I'm a fry cook down at McDonald's right now. I called them. I overslept. But I told them I was coming. They said drive safe. I said, 'I'm walking,' because I had to walk from the cathedral to here. So I rode my bike. It's a beautiful day," Boston said. 

While he's unusually happy about the snow, others are getting a bit sick and tired of having to shovel it.

"I'm pretty tired but I'll get through her," Nicholas Schroeder said. 

Schroeder clears snow for TNT Services. He can't wait to get to landscaping season. 

"I like 60-degree weather. It's perfect. Snow is all right in December months and stuff like that. Not in April," Schroeder said.

Those 60-degree temps could arrive next week. In the meantime, Boston urges you to look on the bright side. 

"Look, I'm the one that ordered this snow. I'm sorry if you all want to be mad at me," Boston said. "I've got shovels too. I'll shovel you out."

I'm sure many of you would take him up on that. Right now, he's late for work. 

Boston says he has fallen of his bike in the slippery winter conditions but not yet this year. He says it only happens when he's in a hurry. 

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