A Microscope View Of Snowflakes


It’s a busy time of year. We have places to go, things to do, and a dusting of snow might be an afterthought amidst the hustle and bustle of the season. But taking the time to stop and look at the winter wonderland around us could be a perfect distraction.

One viewer sent us a picture near Geddes of the picture perfect snowflakes that fell Thursday. 

I was curious myself and starting taking pictures of the flurries during the afternoon. They were just plain fun to look at. I’ve learned over the years you have to put down something dark colored to bring out the contrast if you want to get some photos of these little creations.

Taking it one step further, I captured a few of them on a microscope. It didn’t take much to get a good look at the detailed structure of these tiny flakes of snow. We don’t always see snowflakes this pretty. It takes a special set of ingredients to allow the small dendrite branches to grow on each flake. Also, the wind must be light or they will break apart.  You have to admit, they look pretty neat, even if you aren’t much of a snow-lover.

Freezing fog is possible this weekend for parts of KELOLAND. That’s always a good recipe for more frost on the trees and another winter treat to enjoy.  

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