SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The month of January should be a cold month and all the latest signs are pointing towards that direction.

The new month is starting on a very cold note, and it looks like a series of arctic cold fronts are lining up to bring more frigid weather to KELOLAND.

The normal high temperature for Sioux Falls drops into the upper 20s for the first half of January. Those numbers seem warm at times as we gaze upon several chances of cold in the weeks ahead.

The latest side by side comparison of the European and American models shows a substantial amount of cold across the plains the first week of January. We’ve highlighted some of the short breaks in the cold, but the average temperature will still be well below normal in the areas shaded in blue and green.

The American model is more aggressive in keeping the cold around the second week of January, while the European model moderates the threat a bit. The brief warmups can wash out some of the effect on these weekly outlooks, so the cold spells will still likely be intense at times in the coming weeks.

Snowfall is the wildcard in the temperature forecast. Even a modest 2-4″ snow covering can reduce temperatures by a significant margin, so stay tuned.