Monument Health is launching a new type of COVID-19 tests that will allow anyone to find out if they’ve been exposed to the virus.

In a press release, Monument Health says the test is a blood test that identifies antibodies associated with the virus.

The test is being offered through Mayo Clinic Laboratories. The test is used only to detect antibodies to the virus, not to diagnose an active infection.

Monument Health says the only requirement is that the blood must be drawn 10 days or more after the onset of symptoms or known exposure to the virus. It takes 10 days for the antibody to show up in the bloodstream.

“This test will also be useful in identifying recovered patients who can donate their antibody-rich blood, known as convalescent plasma, to potentially save other patients with severe COVID-19,” said Michelle Stephens, Vice President of Operations for Monument Health Rapid City.

The test cost $100. Anyone who is interested in the antibody test should call the Nurse Triage Line (755-1350 or 800-279-1466) beginning Monday to schedule a test. It requires a small blood sample, which can be drawn at any of the five Monument Health drive-thru testing sites.