SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — Stores in Sioux Falls are starting to sees sales of shovels and snow blowers ramp-up with this weekend’s wintry forecast. Many shoppers are looking to replace their shovels that were damaged from all that digging-out from last winter.

Travis Ehrisman wanted to be sure he’s ready for the snow by loading up on shovels and snowmelt at Nyberg’s Ace Hardware.

“We’re going to get a little snow tomorrow, not enough to really to have to take out the snowblower for, so figured better be prepared,” Ehrisman said.

Shovel shopping shouldn’t be an impulse buy when there are so many types to choose from.

“I spent a lot of time looking at the shovels. You know, plastic, metal? Do I want it to be shallow or deeper, for scooping and scrapping,” Ehrisman said.

Nyberg’s Ace has been stocking shelves with shovels all month long.

“Because we were trying to hit some of those prepared people and those sales and get it out and let people know we have it and it’s ready for them,” Nyberg’s Ace Hardware Lawn & Garden leader A.J. MacInnes said.

Many of the customers are seeking replacements for their overworked shovels from last year’s snowy winter.

“If they need a new shovel, we have shovels for them. And that’s the sales we see, people needing to replace their stuff,” MacInnes said.

But it’s not just shovels that are flying out the door. Snow blowers have been popular sellers even while the weather was warm.

“Last week, just on Friday alone, we sold over five or six and so the whole month around fifteen or twenty, so far,” MacInnes said.

Customers are hoping this winter won’t be as snowy as last year, even if they’re equipped with a brand-new shovel to do the heavy lifting.

“Pretty long driveway, so less work I have to do, the better,” Ehrisman said.

Nyberg’s Ace expects to be even busier Saturday when the snow actually starts flying.