SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO) — Triple-digit temperatures have many of us opting to stay indoors this week. But not every one has an air-conditioned place to go to escape the extreme heat.

Employees at the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House have set out several refills of water so far today. Executive Director Madeline Shields says they have given out cases of water since the heat wave began.

“I had a call from Minnehaha County, and they asked if we needed bottled water. And I said, of course, we can always use bottled water,” said Madeline Shields, Executive Director of the bishop Dudley Hospitality House.

Former resident Madeline Arnold says she’s here not just for water, but for the AC.

“They are just no match. You know, a window unit is no match for commercial air conditioning like business and on a day like today It makes all the difference in the world,” said Madeline Arnold, former resident at Bishop Dudley.

Over at the St. Francis House, residents James Powell and Brandon Lettau are back early from their work day.

“It’s pretty rough. But today, they gave us a break because of the extreme heat warning today and tomorrow, and that’s just for those two days,” said James Powell, Lippert Manufacturing.

Lettau says he’s thankful to have a place to escape the heat.

“I’ve been a part of the homeless community before and I’ve had heatstroke multiple times just walking to and for not having somewhere to go so this is really a blessing to have this opportunity for multiple reasons,” said Brandon Lettau, Lippert Manufacturing.

Those over at the Union Gospel Mission are working to repair their central AC unit. In addition, CEO Eric Weber says they are running out of water.

“We need the community- maybe Sioux Falls Community to drop off a couple of cases. If more people dropped off a couple of cases of water at every shelter, not just the Mission…If people just took water to one of those places, it will help,” Weber said.

Something as simple as offering a bottle of water can make all the difference.