SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO)–While many are celebrating the holiday today, not everyone is taking the same traditional approach.
One local restaurant gave back to the community in honor of Native American Heritage Month.

People made their way to the Watecha Bowl today to celebrate Native American Heritage Month with a free, hot meal.

“It’s been awesome, like they were coming in like as early as 9:30 and right when we opened the door we had a nice line and people have been trickling in so I mean we don’t have a lot of food let over so that’s pretty awesome,” said Lawrence West, owner.

The event was open to everyone, and many past customers were excited to not only get a free meal, but to watch a local businessman give back to the community.

“Just to show support, I mean he’s giving back to the community and it’s a free meal so,” said Valerie Jandreau, visitor.

“It’s fun to do, I mean we don’t celebrate the convention of thanksgiving, so in an effort to just be involved in our community and you know, be good people, we just meet good people, have a good meal and have fun,” said West.

The business plans to see around 250 people enjoying a meal today, but they made enough food for 500. Whatever doesn’t get eaten today, will be donated to local missions in the community.

“He’s always got a good spirit and is fun to be around,” said Jandreau

“I mean even if I wasn’t a business owner, as community members it’s our responsibility to take care of our community you know what I mean,” said West. “Some people absolutely get themselves in situations that are self inflicted, but a lot of it isn’t self inflicted and as community members, business owners, people that have, it’s kind of like a responsibility, not just in Sioux Falls or this city, you know, there’s probably people like me in every city.”

Tomorrow is Native American Heritage Day and Watecha Bowl will be open with it’s regular hours again tomorrow from noon to 8 p.m.