A few light rain showers continue to push into KELOLAND from the south. The rain has remained scattered so far this morning.

Our latest hourly forecast shows the rain moving east today, with areas in western SD warming into the upper 60s with dry skies. We do expect more clearing tomorrow and warmer temperatures.

With the warmer weather comes the chance of severe weather this weekend. We could see storms Saturday night and the Storm Prediction Center has already issued an outlook shown below.

Sunday could also be busy.

The thunderstorm energy map shown below details the heat and humidity flow into KELOLAND. If the models are correct, the extended forecast will be quite busy in the northern plains.

The clash zone by Monday or Tuesday looks particularly strong. 40s in Wyoming and 90s in southeast South Dakota is a big contrast.

You can see the illustration of this pattern on the map below. We do expect much cooler weather to kick back into the plains after day 7.

Again, stay tuned to the forecasts as we have more details on these rounds of storms.