SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – This time of year, people are usually traveling for Spring Break, but that’s been dampened due to Thursday’s snow and wind. The Sioux Falls Regional Airport only had a couple cancelled or delayed flights Thursday, but quite a few people still had to shuffle around their plans.

Travelers headed to Texas and Arizona on Allegiant flights started their day off hopeful to get somewhere warmer only to find out South Dakota’s cold weather would hold them back.

“When we got here, there was a long line and we were like, ‘ummm, something’s up,’ and the flight was cancelled,” Karen Jensen from San Antonio said.

“We cannot get on another plane until Sunday,” Steven Miller from Faulkton said.

Each traveler had some decisions to make… find a hotel in an already busy Sioux Falls.

“We’re not sure what we’re doing. I think we’re going for a Bed and Breakfast or something here but you’ve got state basketball here too so things are going to be kind of filled up,” Miller said.

Book a new flight ….

“Figure out hotel, if I’m going to stay, try a different airline, just a different, I guess, attempts,” Matt Bush from Hartley, Iowa, said.

Or hit the road.

“We’re not going to be able to get out because the next flight was on Sunday but that flight is booked full. So now we’re trying to rent a car to try and drive home back to Austin,” Jensen said.

“But we’ll make it work,” Miller said.

Staying positive in a blizzard of uncertainty.

“We were going to go visit my sister so I’ll have to let her know we won’t be coming down today and I guess try to make do with what we got,” Bush said.

“We kind of want to get home, yeah, she’ll have to go back to school. I mean, Spring Break, we never knew it was going to be so lovely,” Jensen said.

The travelers we talked to said they were able to get refunds for their flights.