SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Construction is beginning for a new community of tiny homes in Sioux Falls. The compact dwellings will house homeless vets and help them rehabilitate.

“We are not just giving people a place to live, we are changing their lives,” said Eric Gage, Executive Director of Veteran Community Project Sioux Falls.

The Veterans Community Project will begin construction on a ‘village’ of tiny homes here in Sioux Falls.

“Because of you we are able to do this, we are able to serve our brothers and sisters,” Gage said.

The new Sioux Falls neighborhood will be made up of 25 compact houses for homeless veterans; as well as a resource center to assist with transitioning.

“So the idea here is we start with the house right? Let’s eliminate “are you safe, where are you going to eat, are you supported? And once we do that then we can work on those issues, and that’s where the village center comes in place,” said Bryan Meyer, CEO of VCP.

“Each resident will have a case manager assigned and those case managers will ensure their success in transitioning out of housing and into more sustainable housing,” Gage said.

“So these tiny homes are going to offer amenities, furniture that they will be able to take with them afterwards, and it is at no cost to the veterans.”

Many members of VCP are veterans themselves. Gage says this project will bring the veterans and the community of Sioux Falls together.

“It breaks my heart as a veteran to know my brothers and sisters are living on the street and are dealing with problems, they shouldn’t have to deal with alone. I want to help them find their peace, find what it means for them to be welcomed home, to be part of their community,” Gage said.

The goal is to have veterans in homes by Christmas. You can find more information on volunteer and sponsor opportunities here.