SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Cold temperatures, wind and snow have meant some icy travel conditions across KELOLAND.

An ideal place to stay warm and still have a great vantage point of the conditions is the cab of a snowplow, and KELOLAND News rode around in one for a bit on Friday night.

Michael O’Kane is an equipment operator for the City of Sioux Falls, and he was behind the wheel plowing its streets.

“I find it very enjoyable,” O’Kane said.

We were out shortly after 6:00 Friday night on and near North Cliff Avenue south of Interstate 90. O’Kane pointed out that stopping in this vehicle is not like it is in your personal car.

“The stopping distance on one of these trucks is probably like triple the stopping distance of your average car, light truck,” O’Kane said.

The view of the snowfall and what that will do to a road look different from this perspective. It’s not just the snow, ice and temperatures that might impact a night like this, though. The wind can make its howling voice heard, too.

“I would say the biggest issues when it’s windy is being able to see other cars, other motorists and being able to see the road at times,” O’Kane said.

On Friday night, though, he says the wind isn’t that bad.

“It seems pretty light for our area up here,” O’Kane said.

And the warm cab feels nice, too.

“Yeah, I won’t complain on a night like this,” O’Kane said.