SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –It has been the never ending tale of winter this year.

This month in Sioux Falls, the high temperatures have been six degrees below normal. The normal high for the first half of March is 41, this March the average high is 34. We have also had above average snowfall in the month of March. So far Sioux Falls has seen 5.6 inches of snow. Normal snowfall for the first half of March is 3.9. For the year though, Sioux Falls is closer to normal but still colder than average. The normal average high for the first two and a half months is 31.8 and this year has been 29.8. Normal snowfall for July 1st to now is 36.8 inches, this season we have had 62 inches of snow.

But from one end of the state to the other have been different stories.

Rapid City has been cold this month. Normal average highs in Rapid City for March are 44.9, this year its been 32.9. That’s 12 degrees below normal. For the year so far though, Rapid City is right on track. Normal average high since January 1st, is 38.9 and this year is 38.8. But the snowfall is a different story. The last two weeks have seen 12.3 inches where normally it’s only 4.8 inches of new snow. Since July 1st, Rapid City has seen 52.5 inches of snow, where the normal average is 35.8.

Winter is still here as we watch another round of snow for tomorrow.