SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO)– School districts across South Dakota are getting ready for the school year.

But, from a lack of teachers to low funding, many schools are facing some big obstacles.

“When our ASBSD Board of Directors met yesterday, a common theme we heard was securing teachers for high needs areas such as music, science positions; there are several schools that have unfilled positions at this point, so they have to think a little bit outside of the box for those things,” Wilmot School Board of Director Denise Lutkemeier said.

“I think a challenge that every district faces right now as far as staffing needs. You have late resignations, shortages that are out there,” Madison Central School District Superintendent Joel Jorgenson said.

Many schools in South Dakota are also seeing a cut in special education funding.

“For our district in particular, we have a high special ed budget, and typically we’re in the red in that, going into the extraordinary cost fund to meet our needs,”Lutkemeier said.

That’s why school districts and communities are coming together to face these problems.

“Collaborative efforts I think are going to be important. Working with our legislators, working together, bringing in parent and community engagement is going to be important in all of those,” Lutkemeier said.

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