SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – There’s no snow predicted to fall in the near future for Sioux Falls, but that doesn’t mean city employees aren’t getting ready for the winter.

It’s back-to-school this week for the city employees taking on the challenge of becoming ‘snowfighters’, otherwise known as plow drivers.

“Just to kind of do a refresher of the rules, the policies, you know, how we plow the streets. Then we’ll jump in, do some hands-on to where employees actually get out, they’ll run some of the equipment,” Dustin Hansen, city streets operations manager, said.

Many of these students are returning snow fighters looking to get re-acclimated with the equipment.

“Looking at the new CATS and the new technologies they have coming out this year for the different snow events that they are planning on doing and the different operations. Especially after last year, you know, hopefully, we don’t have another big push like we did last year,” Dan Amen, a returning snowfighter, said.

The city is still looking for some seasonal employees to help with snow removal as well.

“We like to have, you know, I always say 25-35 seasonal employees and they’ll typically just work the winter for us. Right now, we’re probably around 10 to 12. So we really need that, you know, above 20 is what we’re looking for,” Hansen said.

“If you work outside and you want to get out of the cold for a little bit, come on down and hop in the truck, at least have a warm spot to drive around for a little bit,” Amen said.

And when the first snow flies, these ‘snowfighters’ will be ready to go.

The snow school goes through Thursday. If you’re interested in helping to plow the city streets this winter, click here.