BRANDON, S.D, (KELO) –A lot of kids had the day off from school due to the nasty weather, but as you’re about to see just because they’re not in class, doesn’t mean the learning stops.

“When kids have snow days, you’re like what are we going to do with the kids; what are we going to do, what are we going to do, well call a farmer,” Scott Knochenmus said.

Scott Knochenmus, who farms near Brandon, says on snow days, he becomes an ag teacher. “We’re teaching our kids the concept of working,” Knochenmus said. He always opens his farm and hires kids to help out.

14 year old Gavin Postma of Brandon loves his snow days. “Oh yeah,” Postma said.

But he also loves working on the farm and earning some money even in weather like this. “I just like working, I like getting paid,” Postma said.

Today he and other students are helping out on the Knochenmus farm; moving hay to feed cattle. “In the field, we feed them with the tractor and I’m mostly doing that now,” Postma said.

Knochenmus, who has been farming all his life, says snowy days like today remind him of when he was a kid.

“All my buddies would think it’s a day off, sleep in, we’re going to do this and do that, and my dad would say ‘come on get up it’s time to get going we’re going to go scoop stalls and move snow,” Knochenmus said.

Knochenmus says it’s those life lessons of working hard he hopes to pass on to the younger generation. “I think it’s great the kids come out and hang out and hang around for a couple of hours,” Knochenmus said.

Because a lot of what they’re doing out here, you won’t find in any textbook. “Just because you got a day off from school there is still something out there you can learn,” Knochenmus said.

Postma says if Brandon cancels classes again tomorrow he’ll be out on the farm working again.