SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO)–A Sioux Falls wealth advisor released his second book last week, quickly climbing to an Amazon bestseller over the weekend.

The financial and life lessons for people of all ages you can find in “True Wealth” in tonight’s Your Money Matters.

“When my dad passed away, I just sat down and started writing,” author Kevin Engbers said.

It’s what inspired Pinnacle Wealth Founder Kevin Engbers to publish his first book “Head North”.

“It’s basically everything my mom and dad told me about happiness,” Engbers said.

While his first book was more philosophical, it’s where Engbers first introduced the concept of true wealth.

“Imagine what your life is like when you’re financially competent, physically fit, nourished and emotionally engaged and surrounded by deep loving relationships, that’s really the pinnacle of wealth, that’s what we call true wealth,” Engbers said.

While he never thought he’d write another book, Engbers decided it was important to write a handbook on how to get there.

“I want to do financial training for every stage of life,” Engbers said. “How do we raise a financially sound community, city and family?” 

“True Wealth” has important lessons mapped out in seven different phases of life, starting with ‘The Repeaters’, all those age 10 and under.

“When it comes to money, more is caught than taught; right now we don’t really teach kids about money other than what they observe,” Engbers said.

Then he moves on to lessons for ‘The Challengers’, ages 11 to 20, ‘The Launchers’ age 21 to 30 and ‘The Jugglers’ ages 30 to 45.

“Spouses meet in the doorway running from place to place; they’ve got so many balls up in the air, they’re just trying to keep their finances together,” Engbers said.

He shares other advice and goals for ‘The Builders’ ages 46 to 59 and ‘The Leapers’ ages 60 to 75 and finally ‘The Legacy Leaders’ ages 76 and older.

“It’s more than getting your name on a building, ‘Legacy Leaders’ starts already in your 20s when you’re raising your kids,” Engbers said.

He says the lessons learned at every stage are essential to generating true wealth.

“Money makes it all work, but if money is your end goal, you really don’t find happiness all that often,” Engbers said.

That’s why he also created a workbook to help more people find their own definition of true wealth.

“What are my core values, what are my passions, what’s my purpose, why am I here? How do I make a meaningful difference in society? How do I leave it better than when I first got here?” Engbers said.

Engbers hopes to use his book and workbook to host in-person trainings and seminars on how to build True Wealth.