A pleasant morning is underway in KELOLAND. While most areas are dry, we will be watching radar trends in Nebraska the next few hours.

You can see that rain on the radar animation below. We think some of that rain will try to reach the Sioux Falls area after 12pm, so keep that mind as you plan the rest of the day.

We continue to run below normal on rainfall the past 30 days in much of KELOLAND. The rain outlook will like change this map into the weekend.

The drought monitor continues to be a touchy subject. The drought is much more intense to our south. It will in be interesting to watch how this impacts the moisture supply coming into KELOLAND the next few days.

The risk of some of severe weather tonight is noted on the map below. Far western SD has the best chance of storms this evening.

The risk of scattered severe weather will increase tomorrow as shown by the slight risk area in yellow.

Futurecast continues to shows the chance of rain in southern and eastern KELOLAND this afternoon. New development will focus our attention late this evening and tonight starting in western KELOLAND. We think storms will be scattered on radar in many areas, but there could easily be gaps in between. The morning activity should migrate into Minnesota as the atmosphere recharges once again tomorrow afternoon. New clusters of showers and t-storms are expected into Thursday night.

The risk of some severe weather will linger on Friday in southeastern KELOLAND.

The pattern will remain active across the region into Friday and Saturday as this slow-moving storm system moves through the region. This will be helpful to bringing some more organized rainfall to KELOLAND.

How much rain can we expect in the coming days? If you are looking forward to the rain, we’ll have several chances due to the slow movement of this system. Most of the data is generous on producing large swaths of 1-2″ in South Dakota. However, don’t discount the impact of that drought to our south and the potential to interfere with some of the rain, especially to our south.

Here are the details of the forecast.