SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Drugs and alcohol land people in South Dakota jails every day. Many of the suspects are repeat offenders.

To give you an idea of just how common the crimes are, this map shows all of the DUI, alcohol and drug-related arrests in the city of Sioux Falls in a single month.

Following an arrest, attorneys often tell judges their clients are trying to get help.

KELOLAND News reached out to a center to find out how to get started.

Today you can find Amanda Schofield working as the development manager at Tallgrass Recovery and Sober Living Homes.

But years ago, she was here as a guest seeking help.

“Drinking was my crutch,” Schofield said.

Schofield checked in after she asked her sister to help her find a program.

Executive director Jon Sommervold says loved ones are typically the ones to call first.

He says searching online is a common way for families to find a place to turn.

“Usually they contact several providers. There’s a tremendous amount of information out there, and you have to find one that fits both your needs and your capacity,” Sommervold said.

Sommervold says one of the biggest barriers people face in seeking addiction help services is willingness and perception of the problem.

“Believing that they can get the time off of work, believing that it’s actually a problem. Right now there’s so much cultural acceptance around drugs. If you’re under 30, it’s far more culturally acceptable to be high than it is to be falling down drunk,” Sommervold said.

Schofield will soon mark three years of sobriety, and there’s hope for others as well.

“I’ve never felt more energized and positive of the outlook that’s to come. Anything is possible now with the full confidence that I can love myself again and there’s a world out there waiting for me,” Schofield said.

Sommervold says Tallgrass’s beds were full January and February, but now about half have opened up.

The non-profit can provide some financial assistance to people seeking help.

If you’d like to donate to the fund, send an email to

For other information on financial resources, click here.