SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — Elijah Reed of Texas had planned to go to Madison, S.D. KELOLAND News caught up with him at a truck stop on the north side of Sioux Falls Wednesday morning where he was headed nowhere quickly.

“Basically just sitting here, waiting on the interstate to open up so I can go northbound on 29 to deliver a load,” Reed said.

It was a similar story for Wesley Pickle from Arkansas.

“Stuck, waiting for the interstate to open up,” Pickle said.

Phil Free was on his way from Las Vegas to northern Minnesota. Interstate 29’s closure also stopped him in his tracks.

“Well, I’ve been hitting the storms all the way across, come through the Rocky Mountains and it was pretty rough coming through there, but nothing like this right here,” Free said.

Pictures from South Dakota DOT cameras show exactly why the interstates are closed. The snow is not only blowing; it’s drifting across the road. As the storm rolls through, driving conditions are terrible.

“The interstate’s closed because of the conditions,” South Dakota Highway Patrol trooper Jeremy Gacke said. “Those same conditions are going to be on those secondary roads.”

Gacke says drivers aren’t listening to the warnings and are driving around the barricades.

“There’s those that are trying to not go around the barrier but try to find different roadways,” Gacke said. “There have been numerous vehicles stuck on Highway 38, including trucks.”

Howling wind and accumulating snow have the upper hand on days like this when sometimes all you can do is wait.

“Ain’t nothing I can do about it,” Pickle said. “When they open it up, they, we can go.”