SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO) — The 2023 State Track and Field Meet concluded today at Howard Wood Field in Sioux Falls. High Schools across the state traveled here to compete including two seniors from Northwestern High School who gave a musical send off to their high school career.

After tuning up for the crowd at Howard Wood Field..

The Trombone Trio from Northwestern High School kicked off the last day of the State Track and Field Tournament.

For two members of the trio — it was the last day of their high school track and field career altogether.

“It was just really fun to be out there, and play for everyone. That was a really cool experience. I’m really glad we got to do that,” said Ethan Boekelheide, senior.

Seniors Ethan Boekelheide and Jude Ortmeier each have a love for both music and Track and Field. The pair competed in the medley and shot put at State.

“They’ve really pushed some of us throwers, like in practice to just work harder and throw farther run harder, all that,” said Jude Ortmeier, senior.

“Just happy that it went well, and happy that we have such a good 800 runner to really close it for us and get that ninth place,” Boekelheide said.

Northwestern took 9th place in medley and 19th in shot put.

“Our school actually does not have a track. So for us to actually perform on a track is kind of a privilege for us,” said Wendy Thorson, Band Director.

The duo have been friends since kindergarten. Now as seniors, the two say the bond created between their team, teachers and coaches is special.

‘I’m gonna miss the people like having relationships with everybody from teammates, to coaches to just friends who aren’t even teammates, like, just bonding with people. It’s pretty surreal,” Ortmeier said.

“I want to thank them for all that they’ve done. Because I’ve had a really great time doing sports and music in high school and middle school. I’m definitely gonna miss this,” Boekelheide said.

With a final tune, the duo closed the book on their high school career.

The Trombone Trio auditioned in January to play the National Anthem at the State Track and Field Meet.

They were selected out of dozens of entries by the South Dakota High School Activities Association.