SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — If you had a chance to glance up into the late evening sky last night, chances are, you found quite a sight to remember.

This was the view from the Sioux Falls area near Renner. Not just green, but hues of red and yellow lit up the night sky in rare sight for southern KELOLAND.

The lingering piles of snow were visible in the night sky as the same colors amazed viewers in the Mitchell area.

It even looks purple at times on this picture taken near Pipestone.

Local law enforcement officers shared several pictures. The Huron Police Department took this picture of the light display looking to the north of town. It was much of the same in Roberts County in the far northeastern area of KELOLAND.

The pictures from Glenham area near Mobridge were very impressive too. We had several reports of similar sighting into the Black Hills, many reporting the best show in years.

So why was it so spectacular? Simly put, the ingredients for a great shows came together as severe geomagnetic storm lit up the gasses in the upper atmoshere to produce a memorable display.

Predicting these storms ahead of time usually proves quite challenging. By the way, solar flare events like this show the sun cycle is getting more active again and more of these events may be ahead.