SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – With school now in full swing, bus drivers figuring out the ropes of their new school routes. For Vanessa Bowker’s first, first-day as a bus driver, she was just as nervous as the students.

“I was very anxious because this is my first day actually driving for kids. I’ve never actually drove with children on my bus while I was training. And so this was my first time I had a bunch of kids in my bus and I was like, ‘this is this is going to be kind of scary,'” said Vanessa Bowker, a bus driver at School Bus Inc.

Although new, she says this week went smoothly.

“Even today was a little rough, but personally I didn’t have much trouble I think I did pretty good,” said Bowker.

Like any new year, there are bound to be a few bumps along the way.

“One of the biggest bumps that seem to always happen is kids get onto the wrong bus on the first day,” said Warren Lanphier, Director of Operations, School Bus Inc.

This week it was mostly middle schoolers who were misplaced.

“When it’s a kindergartener, they can’t really communicate that so that was fortunate that those were the kids that had those issues yesterday,” said Lanphier.

To avoid confusion, they encourage parents to show their kids where to get on and off the bus.

“One thing I would ask parents, because you know we can only do so much on our end, parents need to take the time to take their child to their bus stop and show them what it looks like. Show them how to get home from their bus stop,” said Lanphier.

Bus drivers say showing their child landmarks near their stops will also help them navigate their way back home safely.

“Let them kind of scan their surroundings because sometimes we don’t pull up in the same direction as we pick them up at and so they might get kind of confused. But if they know all their surroundings, and they see something familiar, they’re like, ‘Okay, this is where I need to get off,'” said Bowker.

School Bus Inc located in Sioux Falls has over 100 buses that transport over 7,000 students each day and they are still looking for drivers.

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