SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It might be easy to take something as routine as a haircut for granted. But if the means are scarce, it might not be as accessible, even if employment and self-esteem might strongly rely on one. In Sioux Falls on Tuesday night, there was the beginning of a service that aims to offer free haircuts in an environment that isn’t at all like your typical salon.

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls has a mobile salon. Monday was its maiden voyage at the St. Francis House, an organization that offers transitional housing, to give guests there a free haircut. St. Francis House guest Angel Takes The Knife figured it was time for a trim.

“It’s getting a little thick up there so I thought I’d make that choice,” Takes The Knife said.

“Being able to go in when you get your haircut, how nice it is that you’re looking fresh and clean-cut, our guests want to have the same experiences that we do, and with their limited income it’s hard,” St. Francis House Executive Director Julie Becker said.

The salon on wheels isn’t exactly spacious, but it does offer something that can help someone’s self-worth rise.

“We feel so strongly that every human being deserves to feel dignified, deserves to feel like a human, and all of us are in need of that, and this is a great way for us to sort of help everyone feel the dignity that comes with looking great and feeling your best,” said Chris Zuraff, associate pastor of mission and outreach at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church.

The hope is that this mobile operation stops elsewhere.

“Other non-profits, schools, we want to serve as many needs as we can in the Sioux Falls community and provide free haircuts for people who are in need but also children all around the city,” Zuraff said.

A haircut can be more than a emotional boost- it can help unlock an economic one, too.

“The ability for them to when they first walk in our doors to get a nice haircut before they go out and they’re applying for work or maybe they’re interviewing to step up into a new position, sometimes just having that simple thing as a nice clean haircut can make the difference,” Becker said.

“It instills confidence, definitely, because when you get a haircut it’s, you can present yourself, you’re representable, you know?” Takes The Knife said.