CANTON, S.D. (KELO) — A local tree farm opened for the season this weekend as it prepares for Christmas.

Riverview Christmas Tree Farm near Canton is ready to help customers pick out the perfect tree this holiday season. However, growing trees in this part of the state can be a challenge.

Todd Gannon has owned this Christmas tree farm for the past 7 years. This year, he is finally able to harvest the original trees that he planted.

“This year will be the first year we will cut trees out of the trees that me and my wife planted ourselves. So, we are kind of excited to see the whole crop come full circle,” said Gannon.

But this year wasn’t the easiest for growing.

“You know, the drought has definitely been a challenge to grow trees, but we did put in irrigation this past summer so that has definitely helped a lot,” said Gannon.

There are 20,000 trees on the farm, so customers have plenty of opportunities to find their tree for their space.

“Every tree has a different look, a different smell, so we want to try to provide a lot of different varieties and options for our customers,” said Gannon.

Nick Thompson and his family come to the farm every year to get their tree.

“For us, as a family coming out here together, it’s really special because we get to look around at what mother nature created and run down these rows of trees, so for us it’s the start and it mentally gets us prepared for what Christmas is all about,” said Thompson.

“It’s the memories and the nostalgia and the smell and there’s just a lot of things that go with cutting your own tree that really make it a fun family tradition,” said Gannon.

Creating traditions and memories that last well beyond this year’s season.

“If they are looking for a new adventure and a new family tradition, this would be one that they are going to tell their grandkids about,” said Thompson.

“Everybody seems to be in a good mood when they come and we consider a lot of our customers friends, they might be friends we only see once a year, but they keep coming back every year and we love having a laugh, visiting with them, sharing a cup of cocoa,” said Gannon.

The farm opened for the season this past Saturday and will stay open until they are out of supply for the year, which they anticipate will be the weekend after Thanksgiving.