SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –South Dakotans are getting a break from elections this year… but some local organizations are looking ahead to 2024 as they petition to get measures on the ballot.

Dakotans for Health have been petitioning since November of last year to get their constitutional amendment for abortion on the ballot for 2024 in South Dakota.

The amendment states no regulations or restrictions may take place in the first trimester. Abortions will be decided on the pregnant women’s health in the second trimester. Third trimester abortion would be prohibited and regulated unless the life or health of the mother is at risk.

Organizer Tiffany Campbell says they want the people of South Dakota to vote on the issue.

“People that are going through those issues need to be able to make their own medical decisions, and they should involve their family, their doctor and any faith leaders that they want in their life. But politicians should play no part in that,” said Tiffany Campbell, Sioux Falls grassroots organizer.

The anti-abortion group Life Defense Fund is encouraging people of South Dakota to not sign this petition. Co-chair Jon Hansen says the amendment is too radical for South Dakota.

“When we’re looking at this constitutional amendment, really our first focus is just to make sure that people know how extreme that this constitutional amendment is. And because that’s the proposal that’s on the table right now,” said Jon Hansen, Life Defense Fund co-chair.