SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Thousands of people are expected to come together in downtown Sioux Falls for LifeLight this weekend.
Organizers are bracing for extreme heat, and that’s not the only challenge they’re facing as they bring the Christian music festival from a farm to a parking lot.

“So starting today, we are setting up a stage and then tomorrow is all the production, all the accessories and stuff, and then Sunday is the day of the event and then Monday is tear down,” Z8 Coordinator Dax Briden said.

With only 16 people working for the organization, LifeLight relies heavily on volunteers.

“Right now, the crew of volunteers that we have helping us set up, we have anywhere from 200-250 volunteers that are registered, and we also have churches and non-profits from all over the community that’ve just been showing up to chip in a hand,” Vice President Jon Setzer said.

Even with that many volunteers, they’ll be working nonstop until the event to pull it all together.

“Setting up in downtown is a lot more difficult than being at the farm, and really it comes down to more of the logistics, but our team that used to set up at the farm, they would set up for about six months,” Setzer said.

There is going to be plenty of available parking, including public parking spaces and businesses that are donating their parking lots.

LifeLight is also preparing for the predicted high temperatures and taking steps to protect everyone who attends.

“So because it’s going to be pretty hot this weekend, we have our operations team, they have huge blower fans, you know, some of the fans that blow the misters, we have tents set up, and we have plenty of water here at the festival grounds, there will be free waters as well as our vendors are going to be selling ice cream, and popsicles, and slushies,” Setzer said.

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