One Levitt at the Falls performer is hoping to use her personal experience to help people with disabilities.

Gaelynn Lea is Sunday’s headliner at the Levitt Shell.

Lea is a violinist and singer was born with brittle bone disease.

Gaelyn Lea likes to focus on her abilities instead of her disabilities.

“My disability hasn’t been a challenge, so much as it just kind of shapes who you are,” Lea said.

Lea says she refuses to let her disability hold her back. One example is how she learned a different method to play the violin.

“I play it up and down like a cello and hold my bow like a bass player. It’s just like learning an instrument at that point. I just learned it a little bit differently than everybody else,” Lea said.

Aside from playing music, Lea says she’s also passionate about bringing awareness to disability rights.

“I want to help change the cultural dialogue so we start talking about this in the same way we talk about civil rights about other groups. I think disability really needs to be in the forefront,” Lea said.

And she plans on doing it here in KELOLAND.

“I’m going to be performing and speaking at a day program tomorrow at Lifescape. I like doing extra things like that,” Lea said.

“So often times people with disabilites don’t get to be represented on stage. But, Gaelynn really breaks that mold and she says here we are, let’s be proud, let’s tell our story. Really for me, she is somebody we can all look up to,” Levitt at the Falls Executive Director Nancy Halverson said.

If you didn’t get a chance to see Lea tonight, she will also be performing at The White Wall Sessions Monday at 6:30.