SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO) –The first of three Legislative Coffee sessions in Sioux Falls took place this morning at Southeast Tech.

Lawmakers from Minnehaha and Lincoln County gathered at the Hub to hear thoughts and questions from attendees.

Several topics brought forward by the audience included education, voting rights, reproductive rights, taxes and health care.

“I’m a former teacher, I taught at West Central out of Hartford. So I’m always concerned about education,” said Betty Strom, Sioux Falls.

“Health care is something that I think everybody has a right to,” said Michael Wiederrich, Sioux Falls.

Michael Wiederrich has been coming to these sessions for the last year and a half. He says it gives people the chance to have face-to-face discussions with lawmakers.

“It’s an opportunity to kind of see legislation in action, being in Sioux Falls, it’s not always convenient in getting out to Pierre to watch and experience that,” Wiederrich said.

Another big concern from attendees was the topic of carbon pipelines and property rights.

“They should not be able to take my farmland without my permission or without me wanting it there,” Strom said.

“We do hope that they will take a serious look at these Eminent Bills that are proposed for Eminent Domain Reform, to help protect our landowner rights,” said Joy Hohn, Hartford.

The next session will take place on February 11th at 10 a.m.