WATERTOWN, S.D (KELO)– The water level at Lake Kampeska has continued to rise from Friday into today. City officials are expecting water levels to reach over four feet by tomorrow.

Here on the south side of Lake Kampeska water has started to overfill from the lake now into the streets and into people’s homes.

City officials gave out over 3,000 sandbags last night. Now residents are doing what they can to stop the flow of water from entering their homes.

“We’re kind of at the mercy of the water right now,” said Ryan Dede, resident.

Ryan Dede and his family have been giving a helping hand to set up sandbags with their next-door neighbor.

“We’ve got some good neighbors. We got some good people in the community that are helping out and we’re just trying to do whatever we can do to keep everybody safe and dry,” Dede said.

They aren’t the only ones working to keep the water out. Just up the road Tom Boldt and his crew were building barricades.

“We just do what we can try to keep the water from going in the garages and houses. Tried to get some sandbags or we just made a little barge here to try to keep the water out as we pump it out of here,” said Tom Boldt, owner of Boldt Construction.

The rising water level isn’t the only issue, high wind gusts are bringing sheets of ice right to homes and businesses.

“This is the most severe the weather has been,” said Conda Williams, owner of The Prop.

Conda Williams is the owner of The Prop. She says she hasn’t seen the water flood this close to her business since 1997.

“Several years ago, we had berms built up around this particular building. So at this point, there isn’t anymore that we can plan for or put in place to stop any runoff,” Williams said.

Lake Kampeska is expected to crest on Monday. City officials were out this morning checking that residents were not pumping water into the sewer system.

Officials are asking residents to be sure sump pumps are pumping water in their yards or the street.