SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A 19-year-old man, with a violent criminal record in at least three states, is in the Minnehaha County Jail, accused of opening fire on a car with a one-year-old child inside.

Today in court, a prosecutor said six bullets left holes in the vehicle and the three victims are lucky to be alive.

Wednesday, just after midnight, two people and a child found themselves being shot at while inside their car here at the monument on North Drive.

“As officers were investigating they found 13 shell casings, the car had been struck several times at one point one of the bullet fragments grazed the 17-year-old’s foot,” said Sam Clemens, the Public Information Officer for the Sioux Falls Police Department.

Authorities say Manarion Fuse was in an SUV that drove passed the lookout and circled the area. When it came back around, the victims saw a flash of light, heard gunshots and ducked.

Bullets were found in the headrest of the driver’s seat and in the back of the one-year-old’s car seat.

Thursday night officials found Fuse and the SUV involved at the Walmart near 85th and Minnesota Ave. Authorities say Fuse was also carrying the gun used in the shooting.
Officials say there is no connection between the victims and the suspect.
“There’s a lot of crimes, especially crimes involving violence like this where there is some connection between the victim and suspects. There is random crime so that makes it a little bit more scary,” said Clemens.

Today in court the judge called Fuse “extraordinarily dangerous to the community.”
He set his bond at $50,000 cash only, and went on to say, “I would have set the bond at a million dollars if the state would have asked for it.”

Fuse is charged with aggravated assault, abuse or cruelty to a minor and shooting at an occupied car.