CLARK, S.D. (KELO) – Three children escaped a house fire Thursday afternoon in Clark, South Dakota. While the house was destroyed, no one was hurt.

“So the call came in about 2:30 p.m. yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, where an initial report was a couch was on fire. The officers in the fire department arrived on scene, and the structure the mobile home was engulfed in flames,” said Jeremy Wellnitz, Clark police chief.

13-year-old Edy Reyes was reading a book on this side of the house in his bedroom when his four-year-old sister Olivia Reyes told him there was smoke coming from the living room.

“She tells me ‘Edy there’s a fire in the living room’. So I went over, there was a big fire. So I got my sisters out. My sister was in my dad’s room, all the way to the right of the house. So I wanted to get her, told her to get out of the house,” said Edy Reyes who saved his two little sisters (Olivia and Isabella) from the fire.

The three kids evacuated the house and waited on the sidewalk for the fire department to arrive.

“I could see the smoke from my office when I left my office and it was I’m sure it was pretty bad,” said Trevor Forest, Clark firefighter.

Officials say a candle was to blame.

“They applied water immediately through the deck gun on the top of our truck and then ran some hose lines a couple of hose lines out to the hydrant so that we could get some more water on the fire,” said Forest.

Crews had the flames under control an hour and a half later.

“An unfortunate reminder that this can happen and with this house synthetic materials in the homes are not these days fires can go quick so it is best to practice fire safety all the time,” said Forest.

No one was hurt, but the fire destroyed much of their home and possessions. Edy Reyes says he’s glad that his family is safe.

“I was just, happy that I got my sisters out,” said Edy Reyes.

The family of five is currently displaced and staying with friends. The family is accepting clothing donations for their three young kids as the Clark Fire Department posted on social media.

See the Facebook post here, the family also started a GoFundMe.