SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A house fire that occurred earlier this week on Hawthorne is just one firefighters have battled this week and they know it won’t be their last.

“In the summertime there’s a lot more bonfires going on. Fires close to houses, close to structures and grills stuff like that,” said Derek Bose, Sioux Falls firefighter.

One of the more common places house fires start is in the kitchen.

“It can escalate quite quickly. You know a grease fire can go from just a small little fire on the stovetop to catching your cabinets above it and then expanding into the entire kitchen,” Steve Fessler, division chief for Sioux Falls Fire Rescue, said.

Sometimes even water can’t help.

“For a grease fire like that, often, the best thing to do is if you have a lid close by just putting the lid on it will cover it, it’ll reduce it out and fire will go out,” said Fessler.

As for bonfires, experts suggest you keep them far from valuables.

“Fifteen, twenty feet away so you get a good amount of room, and then also having a water source with you. Maybe it’s a bucket of water, maybe it’s a fire hose so if it gets out of control, hopefully you can take care of it before it gets too far,” said Bose.

Remember to use caution if you chose the gasoline and matchstick method of fire starting.

“I’d be very careful with that. You don’t need very much gasoline to get something going and if you have the can sitting right next to the fire that can be an issue as well,” said Bose.

In the case the fire does get out of hand, you should call 9-1-1 immediately.