It’s a quiet and humid start to the morning again across much of KELOLAND. We found some very pretty skies over Lake Madison this morning.

Highs were hot again yesterday, with a mix of 90s and 100s across the region. Today will mark the last day of intense heat in southern KELOLAND.

We’ll be watching moisture on the radar and satellite maps starting this afternoon. You can see the clouds gathering across Wyoming and Colorado. These clouds could result in some light activity on radar this afternoon in southern KELOLAND.

Futurecast shows the hot temperatures in southern KELOLAND this afternoon, but also a few spots on radar will be possible. We expect more clusters of rain tonight, most likely a training line from central into portions of southeastern KELOLAND. Sioux Falls will be close to some of those generous t-storms, but we’ll need to watch the short-term trends to determine which counties get the most rainfall.

The map below in an example of the European model data on this set-up. Again, the position of that narrow band of rain could easily move a bit north or south the next 24 hours.

Don’t forget with the weekend cool down will come areas of smoke from Canada. The jury is still out on how thick this will be, but this story has repeated several times this summer.

The pattern on the map below shows a returning northwest flow across the plains, which will help keep the heat away starting this weekend into the middle of next week.

You can see that trend on the map animation below. Notice there will be warmer weather again toward the end of next week coming from Canada.

Here are the details of the forecast.