Another warm summer day is ahead for much of KELOLAND with highs expected into the 80s and lower 90s for most areas. The cycle of scattered rain will also develop later today.

Notice how the rain developed yesterday and travelled from east to west. Most of the radar returns fizzled in the evening.

Some of you are picking up some nice rainfall, with any spot in green showing over a half inch. We still have lots of gaps in between the showers and thundershowers.

The rain map from the past 3 days shows how spotty the bigger totals have been.

That big blocking high pressure center to our north rules the weather pattern for now. All hits of rain will rotate around the high. We’ll be watching the high move slowly westward the next few days.

Here’s a look at Futurecast for the next couple of days. Notice how the hits of rain develop during the early afternoon as temperatures warm into the upper 80s to near 90. We expect a similar pattern again tomorrow.

The big high pressure pattern will slowly retrograde to the west over the next few days. As this happens, the rain patterns will change, giving way to more rain again over the Black Hills and into Nebraska. We are seeing more evidence that this blocking high will dissolve next week and we’ll see a split flow in the jet stream pattern, but one more typical of June. In fact, a more robust return of the polar jet from Canada by the middle of the month would recharge the pattern to more typical talking points of mid June weather. We will watch the details.

Here is the forecast.