Heavy rain turns housing development into swamp

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Two and a half inches of rain turned a dry housing development into a swamp overnight.

The Blue Spruce addition is prone to flooding, but the people how live here say 100 year floods are turning into yearly events and they can pop up over night.

Blue Spruce homeowner Dave Hatton says, “I mowed my ditches last night because I knew we had rain coming.”

But Blue Spruce homeowner Dave Hatton never envisioned going from a dry yard and neighborhood to a summer swamp in just a few hours.

Hatton says, “We need help. Something has got to be done about it, it’s been going on long enough. Some of these people here lived out here 30 years and not a fingers been lifted to do anything about this flooding problem. We deserve a fair shake like anybody else.”

Lincoln County Emergency Manager Harold Timmerman agrees that something needs to be done about the ducks floating in this neighborhood but says it’s complicated. The money to pay for the project would come from federal, state and county levels and there’s another hurdle.

Timmerman says, “We need to get permission from all the landowners for the three mile period going south of Tea.”

Hatton says he understands that drainage projects takes time, but says this development is running out of time.

“As Tea expands and that’s great, I love seeing the community grow, but as Tea expands further here to the south and west, the problem just gets worse and worse,” Hatton said.

Timmerman says, “it seems like we get a 100 year flood about every year and a half.”

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