SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KELO) — From corn to soybeans, harvest is underway in South Dakota. But those aren’t the only crops that can come out of a field.

In this weeks Flashback Friday, we take you back to 1982 and show you how harvest went for popcorn farmers.

Like field corn farmers, the area’s popcorn farmers are bringing in one of the latest harvests in years. That because of one of the wettest summers on record, and popcorn can’t be harvested as wet as field corn can.

“Everyone’s thinking popcorn dries down faster than field corn, but not when it’s raining.”

Popcorn stalks aren’t as hardy as field corn, so hard rains can be that much worse for corn reapers. Still, Haselbrook says this year’s crop is a big one, filling bins at the American Popcorn Company almost to capacity. Each crib will hold 4 million pounds of popcorn. Popped, one crib of corn would bury this yard in over a hundred feet of popcorn. Unlike the grain market though, the abundance of popcorn won’t hurt the price a farmer gets for his crop.

“We contract for the corn in the Spring, at a contract price that is paid in cash in the fall. In other words, the farmer knows exactly what he’s going to get for his popcorn, and all he’s got to be concerned with is trying to raise a good crop.”

Haselbrook says the makers of Jolly Time popcorn aren’t looking for any new popcorn farmers. But if this looks to good to pass up, you might do what the founder of this company did about 70 years. He didn’t like the price he was getting for his crop, so he started his own business in the basement of his home. Monica Dailey, KELOLAND News, Sioux City, IA.