SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — This coming Saturday is Feeding South Dakota’s biggest food drive of the year, and donors you can take part without even leaving home. While the Stamp Out Hunger drive happens nationally, United States Postal Service mail carrier Eric Wicks leads the effort here in Sioux Falls.

“We ask our customers to put out non-perishable food items out by their mailbox, wherever they pick up their mail, whether it’s the box on their house or their curbside box, their apartment lobby, their P.O. box, and then we’ll have carriers and volunteers pick up that food,” Wicks said.

This National Association of Letter Carriers event brings the donated food to Feeding South Dakota.

“You’ll know if your area’s participating if you receive a post card in the mail, and some places will also be putting a bag in your mailbox,” said Jennifer Stensaas, community engagement manager with Feeding South Dakota. “So it’s super easy. Just fill up the bag with non-perishable goods, stay away from glass and perishable items.”

According to Feeding South Dakota, roughly 75,000 people in the state are food insecure. Of this number, about one in six are kids.

“There’s always something that everyone can do, and this is such a great way to participate is to look at the foods that are in your pantry and consider providing those same options to others who are in need,” Stensaas said.

And various people will be going directly to donors’ homes on Saturday to help make it happen.

“Don’t be alarmed if there’s somebody not in a postal uniform,” Wicks said. “We’ve got tons of volunteers, friends, family, retirees coming out to pick up food.”

Stensaas says there will be various drives in the state. She also says Feeding South Dakota needs volunteers; you can register to participate by clicking here.