SALEM, S.D (KELO) — Everyone has their own way of celebrating Thanksgiving.

For Alla Kureninova and her family, this Thanksgiving is unlike any they have celebrated before…

“This is our first Thanksgiving actually staying home, and having our own big family celebration,” Alla Kureninova said.

This year there are new additions to the table, her sisters from Ukraine.

“We don’t have such holiday in Ukraine. It’s really interesting to try something new, everything is new for us,” Nataliia Klochko said.

Nataliia and Zoia along with their children Ivan and Uliana came to the United States in August, reuniting a family that has been apart for over a decade.

“I’m excited to call our parents and show them how we are together. Because it’s something we’ve always done. We call each other on Skype. And we always said, How nice would it be to just sit at one big table?” Kureninova said.

Though the circumstances are bittersweet, Kureninova says she’s thankful they get to celebrate the day as a family.

“We’re still missing some of our family. But some of the family that haven’t been together for years is together,” Kureninova said.

Kureninova says her parents are still in Ukraine. The war that began in February of this year is reaching it’s nine month mark.