SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A former child care worker is facing 10 counts of sexual contact with a child.

According to court papers, it was all caught on camera at a new Sioux Falls day care. Kids R Kids just opened on September 6; court documents say an employee inside the day care started sexually abusing children just two days later.

The facility is filled with video cameras parents can access at anytime. A parent contacted the day care director saying they saw 26-year-old Chris Phoumy put his hands under a child’s blanket during nap time.

Chris Phoumy

The document goes on to say the day care director confronted Phoumy who denied doing anything wrong. He was immediately suspended and then fired.

Police say the day care and detectives began combing through video from the first three weeks in business.

Court papers say they eventually discovered 10 different instances where Phoumy appeared to be touching children’s bottoms underneath their blankets and in several cases, smelling his fingers immediately after removing his hands.

The disturbing affidavit says there are seven victims between the ages of three- and four-years-old.

Police say there are 7 victims– all of them three or four years old.

Court papers say Child’s Voice is arranging forensic interviews and medical examinations of three of the victims. In one of those interviews, the child says Phoumy touched him everywhere.

All 10 counts of the alleged sexual contact happened between September 6-21.

Along with the abuse, the court papers also outline other suspicious behavior caught on camera like looking around the room to see if he was alone, moving furniture to block cameras, and studying the monitors in the lobby that show a live feed of all the classrooms.