SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO)– Christmas came early for some families in Sioux Falls.

Cricket wireless gave $5000 worth of gifts to three deserving families in Sioux Falls as a part of their 12 days of cricket campaign. Each family received a variety of gifts from their Christmas wish list.

There was nothing but smiles as these families opened their Christmas gifts a little early this year. Lawrence Chama was excited to open his brand new snow boots, just in time for the first big snow of the season.

“I’m ready to jump around in the snow, I’m ready to go on the snow hill and do some sliding down,” said Lawrence.

His little sister, Gloria, got her own pink lunch box.

“I got a lunch box for my present, but I kind of want to thank you for this gift, whoever gave it to me,” said Gloria.

The family was also gifted a bunk bed set and several gift cards, all thanks to the 12 Days of Cricket giving campaign.

“It’s a big help. I’m so glad and I am very happy because it has helped to reduce my budget for this year, for next year, so I am very excited,” said Angel Chama.

“I really hope that when the dust settles here and the families go home, what they take away here is just some extra joy this holiday season, some less stress off their plate, whether it’s financially or having a bunk bed to sleep on tonight, I really hope they can stress less, smile more, and really enjoy this holiday season and hopefully going forward what really matters in life,” said Karl Pauling, senior marketing manager, Cricket Wireless.

A way of giving back Lawrence hopes cricket will continue doing for other families like his.

“We are really grateful because how cricket helped us, how they gave back, they should keep doing this because they can help our city,” said Lawrence. “This is why I like cricket because they are great people and this is why they should keep doing this.”

If you are interested in helping the boys and girls club, cricket has set up a website where you can donate to families in need.