SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A central Sioux Falls neighborhood looks a lot different today than it did four years ago this week; the area south of Interstate 229 near the Big Sioux River by West Rose and West Lotta Streets saw significant flooding, with first responders quickly coming to the rescue in 2019.

Scott Vanderberg had a choice to make back on that cold and wet day in 2019 in his neighborhood just south of the Big Sioux River.

“They rescued myself, my wife, my sister-in-law and the brother-in-law, and they came up to the house and said, ‘You guys are flooded, do you want to be rescued,’ and everybody’s panicking,” Vanderberg said. “My basement was filling up, and we thought, eh we might as well.”

After the flood he had to make another choice: whether to sell his home. He opted to stay.

“I’m going, I can’t buy a house in this market, I don’t want to start another mortgage at my age, why don’t I just stay here, what am I to do,” Vanderberg said.

Veronica Meza Fisher also lives in the neighborhood. Back in 2019 she was renting her home.

“It was crazy to say the least. It was probably up to my thighs or at least waist-deep,” she said. “It was super unexpected since it was just rapid flooding.”

Now, she owns the house that has weathered everything since the floodwaters of 2019.

“The house has stood strong since the flood,” she said.

City of Sioux Falls emergency manager Regan Smith says 2019 showed what can happen in a low-lying area.

“This is a flood-prone area,” Smith said. “You’re right next to the river. There is no flood control that really protects this neighborhood that protects most of Sioux Falls: the flood control system, the dikes, the spillways, things like that, does not protect this Tomar neighborhood.”