SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A musical this weekend at the Washington Pavilion is raising money to bring awareness to Friedreich’s Ataxia, a rare disorder that affects a person’s nervous system.

For three weeks, these students have been putting in four hours a day getting ready for “Carrie the Musical.”

“Students are running tech, painting everything. We have some help building set pieces and the pavilion staff helps a lot but it is mostly students that are making it happen,” said Katherine Jones, actress who will play Carrie White.

Even the first-time director is a student. Lucas Schreck says this show has been on his mind since he was young.

“Our cabaret show in 2018 we did the opening number and that was when I was 12-years-old and I just loved the show ever since. I’ve been scheming and planning the possibility of doing it one day. So it’s perfect I can do as a passion project and for such a good cause,” said Schreck.

All the proceeds from ticket sales will go toward research for Friedreich’s Ataxia. A project that means a lot to the group — a past performer has the disease.

“So FA-for-FA is really held close to our hearts because of Raena Brendtro, some of us have come to know her pretty closely. The organization focuses on raising funds to find a cure, or a stop of the development of this disease,” said Macie Coleman, musical director.

The chaos of putting a production together has brought the 15-cast members close together.

“It’s a different style show than anything else I’ve seen in Sioux Falls especially. Having it in such a small intimate space as well is a whole new level,” said Jones.

Friday’s show is already sold out however to purchase tickets for the Saturday and Sunday show click here.