SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — We are getting a better idea of how the Sioux Falls Community Centers could help with the child care shortage. The parks department and Sioux Falls School District are still working out the details, but want to let you know about the progress.

The five community centers across Sioux Falls could be seeing some big changes coming this summer.

Jackie Nelson with Parks and Recreation says they’ve been working to transfer the programming offered within the centers to the Sioux Falls School District, which owns the buildings.

“Any programming that happens in the community center space from eight in the morning until 10:00 at night runs through Sioux Falls, parks and recreation. With this transition, the programming would now move to the Sioux Falls School District,” said Jackie Nelson, Recreation Manager.

Nelson says Parks and Rec would then look at building their own indoor rec centers across the city.

“Moving to an all encompassing facility that offers more than just gym space, but also exercise equipment, walking tracks, different things that all of the community can use in the future,” said Jackie Nelson, Recreation Manager.

Rebecca Wimmer with the Sioux Falls School District says they could use these community centers for programs like their new Community Learning Center Initiative.

“Will have significant impacts to better our community. It provides our students more opportunities to engage in things after school, provides them extended learning opportunities,” said Rebecca Wimmer, Coordinator of Community Partnerships and after school programs.

This transition is meant to provide a solution to the child care crisis. While nothing is finalized, both organizations wanted to inform parents now.

“We preemptively let families know that this may be coming up. You can enroll your student in our program so that they wouldn’t be without some sort of service for the summer or for the next fall,” Wimmer said.

The final decisions are expected to be made in the next few months.