SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –Along with all of our snow, we’ve also seen quite a bit of fog this winter especially in January.

That month, Sioux Falls saw 12 days of thick fog, with less than a quarter mile visibility, and 14 days with light fog. While the dates aren’t matching up exactly with the old saying, they are pretty close. In Sioux Falls for the first and second of April, we are expecting a dry weekend. But the middle of next week, the fifth and sixth, we are watching an active pattern that could being more snow into Sioux Falls.

December 31st had thick fog… which would put us right in line for tomorrow’s blizzard-like storm.

Aberdeen had thick fog six times January, along with 16 days of light fog. The precipitation forecast is similar to Sioux Falls. While the Hub City has a quiet weekend on the way, by the middle of next week there’ll be chances of snow. That’s right in line with the first two days of thick fog from January.