Sturgis, S.D. (KELO) –As the 83rd Sturgis Rally enters the final three days, and has been down in numbers, riders have still been enjoying the events the city puts on.

It takes a lot of people to make a rally, like this, go smoothly.

“Everything is really nice, it’s beautiful. And what I like the most about this area is the people. People that have been here before, the locals, they’ve been so nice to us, teaching us, showing us where to go and where not to go,” Rally Biker Victor Villafane said.

It’s those local touches that have first time rally-goers wanting to come back.

“They help you out, like it’s my first time here and a lot of places I didn’t know where to go and they gave me directions. They told me what was the best time to go and route to take,” Rally Biker Marta Exposito said.

While numbers are down from previous motorcycle rallies, those riders that are here are taking in everything they can and actually having a really good time with it despite the lower temperatures. As it’s been sort of a breeze going through the hills.

“There’s some nice twists on the roads, the views are top notch, it’s an experience. You have to come and do it, if you haven’t done it. Because it’s a lifetime memory,” Villafane said.

Even with the colder temperatures, riders are finding ways to enjoy all Sturgis and the Black Hills have to offer.

“I’ve been to main street, I did it during the day, it was nice and also at night very nice. The bars, music, awesome. The weather is perfect, the temperature is perfect, I can’t ask for anything more than this,” Exposito said.

The 83rd Sturgis Rally will be holding closing ceremonies tomorrow around 11 a.m. and will be a tribute to all first responders.