Sturgis, S.D. (KELO) –The 83rd annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is officially underway.

In the coming days hundreds of thousands of people from around the world will be in western South Dakota. 

If you are riding into the rally as a passenger and want to try your hand at riding yourself, Ride With Us has you covered. 

“We’re trying to grow our industry. There’s a lot of stigmas attached to motorcycle riding, there’s negative connotations that it’s not safe. And we really want to break through some of those objections that people have and show them it can be safe with the right training.” VP of Market Expansions and Events Cinnamon Kernes Said

Once you are signed in, the crew has everything you need to get started.

“There are a couple different bikes, so depending on how, you know, how tall they are they might feel more comfortable on a smaller bike or one that’s a little taller. We get them on the bike, we have them feel how it feels underneath them, and then we go step by step,” Ride With Us Coach Andria Yu said.

Even first time riders can pick this up. Within 30 minutes these hands on coaches working one-on-one with you, will get you from being scared of getting on a bike to feeling comfortable about taking a ride all on your own.

“Once they get moving though and once they get riding they realize, oh my gosh I can do this. And a lot of people tell us afterwards that it was easier than they thought it was. After they’ve had that, and it’s served that confidence building,” Yu said.

“Within 20 minutes, we provide the gear, we have the coaches. And people show up and they’re not sure they can do it, then all of a sudden they get off and you just see even if they don’t choose to ride again, it’s that they have the confidence to say they’ve done something they have never done before,” Kernes said.

As the Rally kicks off today, the number of riders looks to continue going up.

Ride With Us will be in Sturgis from Saturday through Tuesday.