Sturgis, S.D. (KELO) –Motorcyclists are rolling into the Sturgis area ahead of tomorrow’s official start of the 83rd motorcycle rally.

As the rally revs up, vendors are doing everything they can to get ready.

“You just kind of jump in and hang on. Because you can’t really prepare for everything that’s gonna come at you.”

Like many of the vendors you’ll find in Sturgis, V8 choppers have been preparing for Sturgis for months. 

“Building our bikes, getting everything lined out and having plans for where you’re setting up and just making sure everything is prepared,” V8 Choppers Owner Stanley Hughes said.

While Friday is the official kickoff of the 83th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Today feels just like the rally is already underway, with thousands of motorcyclists already here buying and enjoying everything there is.

“26 years in a row, I think I’ve missed one time out of 26. Just something to do every year, it’s the place to be,” Rally Attendee Dave Schueths said.

From buying apparel, to enjoying food at every corner, or even just riding down main street, the rally fun is already underway and the crowds are already growing.

“The pre-Covid era is coming back, feeling good. Just people watching, walking around, drinking a few beers, having a good time, and seeing what’s going on,” Schueths said.

“You know the 75th was pretty wild and the year after. Then Covid was different, everything was different during Covid. But Sturgis is always Sturgis. Sturgis is a place for people that love motorcycles, and come to have fun,” Hughes said.

With the official start of the rally just hours away, everything appears to be ready to go.

The 83rd opening ceremonies will start at 3 o-clock mountain time tomorrow afternoon.

They’ll feature the Sturgis Mayor, Budweiser Clydesdales, as well as this year’s Grand Marshall Laura Klock.