OMAHA, Neb. (KELO) – In one of the more emotional games you will ever witness, the USD volleyball season came to a close this past weekend with a 3-2 loss in the NCAA Tournament against Houston.

“What a match. This team fought obviously from the beginning in some really tough situations and they did everything we asked them to do,” USD Head Coach Leanne Williamson said.

The Coyotes advanced to the big dance for the third straight season and although they came up just short, they did accomplish something for the first time in school history.

“Even though we didn’t come out on the winning end, it was the first time we’ve won sets in the NCAA Tournament as a program and, you know, just really proud of how they handled themselves not only in the big moment, but obviously through adversity and through some pretty difficult times obviously mid-match,” Williamson stated.

Midway through the 4th set, with the Yotes trailing by four, Elizabeth Juhnke would hit the floor writhing in pain after leaping for a kill bringing the arena to an almost dead silence.

“You can’t take away the pain in that moment, you can’t take away the hurt and again, you could see the emotion in every single one of them. But, we just talked about controlling what we can, playing for each other as we have all season and in some ways playing a little bit harder, well not harder, but playing for her,” Williamson remarked.

“After that first point out we knew that we had to fight and we wanted to do it for her and I think that that really drove us and we played with our hearts. So, I think that’s all we could have done in that moment,” USD Junior Madison Harms said.

After the injury, the Coyotes would miraculously outscore Houston 14-8 going on to win the 4th set, a moment that captures what this program is all about.

“Winning those two sets meant the world to me as a senior and us never accomplishing that until this year meant a lot. We’ve had some experience in the NCAA Tournament, but this year was definitely even more memorable and I think it just shows how much each year we’re progressing as a program and how we’ll just keep progressing and getting better and better and it just makes me really proud of USD as a whole and I’m really excited to see where we get to in the future,” USD Senior Lolo Weideman said.