WBK: SDSU’s Miller Recovering from Knee Injury, Anxious To Return


“You know the first thing that goes through your head is it’s over, my season’s over,” SDSU Junior Macy Miller said. 

On December 9th, Macy Miller saw her season come to an early end after suffering a knee injury.13 days later, she’d undergo ACL reconstruction surgery and begin a long rehabilitation process.  

Almost a month after her injury, Miller returned to Frost Arena, but this time, only able to watch.

 “It was very difficult just going out there. Then seeing the fans, the fans are incredible. Just knowing I wasn’t going to step back out there but I knew I had different roles. I was going to be a leader, telling people things they can do better or things they’re doing good on the court. I had to be a bench leader,” Macy Miller said. 

The injury cost Miller her season, but if there’s any positive to take from it, it only reaffirmed her passion for the game.

“Just going day by day it’s easy to be stuck in a rut, you know going to practice every single day. The moment it’s just gone, you realize how much you love it and how bad you want to be on the court,” Miller said. 

Miller’s ability to return to the court will depend how quickly her recovery goes. When rehabbing an ACL, the recovery goes beyond just the injured leg.

“If it’s a non-contact injury, a lot of times there’s a deficiency that exists that got them here in the first place, so you really want to identify what those deficiencies are during this rehab process, not only on the surgical leg but the opposite leg,” Sioux Falls Orthopedic Institute VP Brad Pfeifle said.

No matter how long the recovery takes, Miller looks forward to putting on the Jackrabbit blue once again.

 “It’s going to be amazing. I can’t wait for that moment. Just to put on that game jersey again and just to step on the court again and just be able to play,” Miller said. 

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