SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Girls from across South Dakota will make history this week. The state’s first-ever high school-sanctioned softball tournament begins Thursday in Aberdeen. Three of Sioux Falls Public Schools made the cut, including Washington.

With state coming up for the inaugural softball season, Washington coach Kim Bazata is proud of her team and their accomplishments.

“I told the girls when we started the season that this is going to be a historic season, and everything we do is going to be done for the first time being sanctioned. This is, we’re making history as we’re going and that is really exciting for them and for us, and it kept us pumped up as we were going through the year too,” Bazata said.

Washington junior Ava Brink is excited to be part of the school’s first-ever sanctioned softball squad.

“For none of us ever playing together, we did very well. We all get along so well and always have positive energy just no matter what is happening which is really fun to be around,” Brink said.

“It’s exciting that we got to be one of those eight teams, but we put in lots of hard work, and that was our goal all along to make sure that we are one of the last ones playing at the end of the season,” Bazata said.

“We are going to state for the first time softball has been sanctioned, and we are the team who is going to state. Feels really good to be a part of it,” Brink said.

“It’s been a lot of fun. There’s been ups and downs for our team, but we fought through and it’s been good,” Bazata said.

Now, just like their competition across the state, these girls are playing with one goal in mind.

“To win it all is obviously our main goal,” Brink said.

“We have a shot, but we have to play well,” Bazata said.

The softball tournament starts in Aberdeen from June first through the third. Washington’s first opponents are the Jefferson Cavaliers.